The easiest way to Send a little Holiday Cheer


Every year starts with January and ends with December, and yet I am always surprised how the ten months in between seem to fly by, which is why at the end of every November, sometimes even early December, I am scrambling to get my Christmas Cards out. 

This year will be the same, and I even create holiday cards! If you share this same tendency to get everything done just in the nick of time, can we make a deal not to be too hard on ourselves? I won't tell if you don't. Ultimately, the day to day stuff that makes up life keeps us busy, and we all deserve to binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix or read the latest book, hello Capital Gaines

I think it's excellent if holiday cards get sent at all. It might not be the coolest gift on earth, but it is thoughtful nonetheless.  It's a lovely way to let your friends and family know that you are thinking of them around this time of year.  If you throw in a cute picture of your family, your kids or your dog people will feel included and special in your world, which is the point, even if it's just for a moment. After all, who doesn't love getting snail mail?

In the spirit of solidarity, I wanted to offer you a 15% OFF coupon code for your next holiday greeting cards (envelopes included!) good through November 28, 2017.  So let me help you send a little holiday cheer this Christmas season. Just enter your email, and I will send you the code. Happy Holidays! 

Emily Spivak