The Ultimate Guide to Your toddler's Fiesta Party

First birthday parties are so much fun, but sometimes the planning can be a bit much. Let’s face it, if you have a baby about to turn one, you have a lot going on! Sometimes, just keeping the baby fed and changed can be a full-time job.

But when the magical age of one is around the corner, you want to celebrate! Or at least I know I did! My baby was reaching new milestones every day and I was excited. He was learning to crawl and then walk. He was learning to chew food and drink from sippy cups instead of bottles (well, almost).

There is just something about babies when they get around this age. You can see the wheels in their head turning and you know they are trying to figure out something new. With each accomplishment, you can almost see the lightbulb going off in their head, so to speak. I think it’s great to want to share this time with family and friends; which is why we often throw a party. 

As an invitation designer, my friends come to me for help with their invite needs. I love collaborating with my friends and customers because together we can come up with the best ideas.

A couple of years ago, when my best friend's son was turning the "big one," I had the opportunity to create a llama fiesta themed invitation. This design has been one of my most popular invitations. It is quirky with the perfect amount of silliness. I mean who doesn’t love dancing llamas! Am I right? 

After you decide on your parties theme, you still have to decide on the food, party activities, decorations and don’t forget the party favors. 

That’s why I put together a list of a few items from around the web that can help make your party a success and hopefully save you some time; so you can focus more on celebrating that awesome baby of yours. 


Remember you don’t have to go crazy when it comes to food. Just a few items can fill the table.  While the following recipes is good for toddlers, that doesn’t mean they have to lack flavor. My kiddo likes a lot of spice, but you can always adjust for your own kid's unique tastes. 

For my parties, I aim for one to two dips; think store bought salsa and guacamole. Then I throw in one to two appetizer-type dishes and two main dishes. You, of course, can do whatever you want and I’m sure it will be perfect! 

Disclaimer: I love to make my own homemade guacamole with a little extra cumin; but when time doesn’t allow, I buy the fresh made-in-store guacamole. Although, I cannot recommend the pre-packaged stuff that is good for months.  

MEXICAN PEPPER JACK BAKED CAULIFLOWER TOTS - The truth is I haven’t made these yet, but they look delicious and anytime I can sneak more vegetables into my toddler’s diet, the better!

BLACK BEAN AVOCADO SALSA - This stuff is amazing! Have you had it? Seriously, you can’t have a fiesta without it. I have to admit, I don’t put the cilantro in but I’m one of those weirdo’s that think cilantro tastes like soap. It’s a real thing.  

MEXICAN STYLE CHILI FRUIT PLATTER - I always like to have a fruit platter on hand. I love the idea of doing half the plate plain and the other half with the chili lime salt. I included a link to a recipe to get you started but feel free to mix up the fruit depending on the season. 

CHICKEN TACO MEXICAN PINWHEELS - The chef had me at cream cheese and sour cream, but then she threw in taco seasoning, chicken, and green onion. I mean really what could go wrong?! 

CHICKEN QUESADILLAS - Don’t overlook this classic and simple recipe. I know my toddler goes crazy for anything between two pieces of a tortilla. 

Don’t forget If you’re short on time or energy, you can always order fajitas from your favorite restaurant.  


TORTILLA ART - This tutorial from PinkStripeySocks is super cute and is really simple. You could set up a station where the tots could do this with their parents. Pro-tip: some kids are allergic to food coloring, so you might want to consider purchasing plant-based food coloring.  

MINI PINATAS - This could be a really fun make and take; but it would require some work up front, especially if you want the really small children to participate. I would recommend adding the string to the cup before the party and cutting the tissue paper beforehand. That way all the kids have to do is glue the paper to the cup.   

COLORING - Don’t underestimate the simple crafts. Coloring is popular for a reason, and there are a ton of free fiesta themed prints out there.

Finally, Don’t forget to use what you have. Oh, and buy a pinata, they are always fun!  If you already have yard games, set them up. Instead of water you can always throw colorful rice into a water table with a few toys and let the kids go wild. 



SOMBRERO COOKIES - I came across several sombrero cookies, all of which were creative and fun but the ones from Jacks & Kate were just too cute! So cute you could wrap them in cellophane and give them to your guest as they head out the door.

MINI FIESTA MARACA - I get it, you already made all the food and now you are done! Well, don’t fret check out these adorable Maracas. You could give them on the way out and if you are feeling extra fancy you could tie on a thank you. 




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