Research shows that well over two-thirds of consumer product purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. In some categories, impulse purchasing at shelf accounts for much as 85 percent of sales.
— Rob Wallace

There is no way of getting around it your label and packaging has a significant impact on your buyer, which is why it is so important to have a thoughtful design that communicates clearly and effectively with your audience.

I love package design because of the wonderful canvas it offers to tell your product's story. Through visuals and words, it provides a unique opportunity to connect with your customer not only on the shelf but in the most intimate of settings, their home.

When creating package design, my end goal is a well-designed label that connects with and delights both you and your customer.

Before I get to work on the visual design, I get to know you, your business and your audience through a series of questions that we cover at our first meeting via phone, Skype or over a cup of coffee. In branding jargon, these questions make up your "visual design brief."

You might already have a brief of your own, but if not I’ve got you covered.

Next up we talk about the vision for your label and your position in the market place. It’s important that your packaging feels like an extension of your brand.

Once all the research is complete, I start the design process. I don't design on taste alone but rather that of your position in the market and your customers.

Just a few of the things I consider when designing are; legibility, hierarchy, (what's the most important thing about the brand and is that what we are conveying), where is the eye being lead to and does the color match the psychology of what we are trying to convey? I also take into consideration if your product will be on the shelf and what will it sit next to. This allows us to craft a label that hopefully, fits in with the market but stands out on the shelf.

I then present you with three different designs, and I let you know the thinking behind each one. When you hire me as your designer, I consider us teammates which means you are a critical part of the design process.

Once I show you the options, we discuss what is working and what is not, and then we start making changes. You get 3 rounds of revisions depending on the package you choose. The purpose of the revision is to match the brief that we agreed on in the beginning and to create the best label possible for your product, while staying on budget. The goal always being to attract and connect with your ideal client and to have them ultimately purchase your product and to develop brand loyalty.


Once I provide the initial design, and we discuss, you can take 2 to 3 days to mill it over. Then you let me know all of your feedback. We discuss the feedback, and I make the changes. That is one round of revisions, and then the process starts over. The more revisions, the more time that will be added to your project but it is an integral part of the process and is to be expected.


I work on a 50% deposit and I don't offer refunds due to the highly customized nature of the work, but your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me.

I promise to go in depth before we even start on the design to find out what you are trying to communicate and the best way to do that. Then I check in with you every step of the way. You have the opportunity for revisions, and I expect and encourage you to use them.

Ultimately, only you have final approval at each milestone.


I want to be very clear and honest here by saying once we have moved past a milestone and you have approved the benchmark, you might choose to go back and change something because you have had a new idea based on the ideas that I have presented. This is perfectly understandable but because we cannot foresee those changes we have not budgeted for them, so if it is essential that we go back and redesign we will have to increase the budget, and this is often by 20% to cover the new work I will be creating for you.


  • have uncovered a clear understanding of your why, your position in the market and your customer (If you don't already know)

  • Have a package design that you are happy with

  • You will start gaining that coveted "know, like and trust" through the customer recognition that comes from consistent branding.

  • You will have saved massive amounts of time from not trying to figure this aspect out on your own. You can use this time to put it back into your business or take a much-deserved break to work-out, walk the dog or simply read a good book.

This is not for you if you:

• want a bunch of designs that you choose from based on whims

• are looking for a big marketing and design firm

• your only concern is the price

• need it done tomorrow

This is for you if you are looking for:

• a custom label tailor-made with you and your customer in mind

• a one-on-one partnership with your graphic designer

• have an idea of how you want your label to feel like but need extra guidance from someone who has experience and can execute your vision.

Let’s make your vision a reality. I work with a limited amount of clients a month to ensure that you get all the time that your project requires, so book your spot today—Currently booking for August 2019. Due to the different needs of package design, I provide a custom quote for each project. You can expect a response back from me within 24 business hours.